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Malcolm Tent / Sirens / Run-On Sunshine / The Smiling Faces / Consumer

Malcolm Tent - Connecticut punk legend, on tour: "I AM NOT A SINGER/ SONGWRITER. People have fun at my shows. I've been bashing away at one form of music or another since 1983. I'm a founding member of Broken Talent (known to punk record collectors the world over), Bunnybrains (globally recognized noisemongers), and Ultrabunny (a better version of Bunnybrains). In side projects, I've played with Profanatica, GG Allin, and Harvey Sid Fisher. I've been slinging my hardcore acoustic guitar full time since 2008."

On tour with another CTer, Sirens.

Joined by local weirdos and/or rockers...

Run-On Sunshine

The Smiling Faces