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The Everymen / Action Jets / The Marionettes / Painting Fences

The Everymen - from New Jersey. They've "come out of the studio with a record that is at times exalting, sorrowful, violent and embracing. Mixing the E Street's bar room party vibes with Rocket From The Crypt's swagger, The Replacements' emotions and Meat Loaf's soaring production, this is a record very rooted in influences that still strives and sounds inimitably EVERYMEN. From heavily distorted guitars to a chiming grand piano, from cigarette stained vocals to a gospel choir's calls, Free Jazz is as diverse as it is engaging and an album which won't soon be forgotten." - from the Ernest Jenning Record Co. website.

"One of the best live bands we've ever seen!" According to everyone who was at their last Trunk Space show!

Local rockers and/or punks...

The Marionettes

Action Jets

Painting Fences