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Gregg Turner / Eric Ayotte / Gadabout Film Festival / Nu Metal Boyfriend / Fifty-Five Lions

Gregg Turner: Known to most as a founding member of LA punk band, Angry Samoans. He is also known as a record reviewer for Creem, noted for his inspired hatchet jobs on the likes of Bon Jovi, The Who, and even Iggy Pop. Now he's a mathematics instructor based in Santa Fe. His solo sets are full of fun songs!

Eric Ayotte: He's been touring and releasing music for over a decade. His sincere songs bring a political message as well as an emotional truth. This tour will be supporting his fourth full-length record, “Transparency”, a full band album that explores the concept of honesty, and wanting more open communication from his community, government, friends, religions, and himself. He's released on Plan-It-X Records.

He'll be traveling with The Gadabout Film Festival, which has had a long standing tradition of DIY ethics matched with really cool filmmaking. Since 2002, the Gadabout has been touring with a new batch of films each year, bringing film to non-film settings, screening an extremely inspiring and talented program of short films.

With Fifty-Five Lions and Nu Metal Boyfriend.