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H.P. Lovecraft. The master of cosmic horror. Dreamer of an entire
universe filled with indescribable shapes, mind-melting elder gods,
brain-stealing fungi, gibbering madmen and wicked cephalopods. A
solemn, pensive, cat-loving author who has cast a long non-Eucliadian
shadow across the 20th and 21st centuries. He's been many things to
many people, but to the fine folks at Phoenix's The Trunk Space, he's
always been one thing: the birthday boy!

For the last three years, The Trunk Space has paid tribute to Howard
Phillips Lovecraft by throwing him a wicked birthday party. During
these past birthday parties, The Trunk Space has filled their all-ages
stage with doomsday cults, demonic puppets, local poets and musicians,
performance artists carrying dead octopi, free pentagram cupcakes and
terrifying noise. For this year's birthday party, “Radio Free R'lyeh”,
the Trunk Space is paying tribute to the eldritch master of cosmic
horror by bringing in special guests all the way from San Franciso,
California and Arkham, Massachussets! Miskatonic University is sending
their most popular student DJs, Fishman Jack & The Worm, from their
college radio station, NYX99.9 “The Deep”, to not only host the
birthday party but supply foley sound effects for the evening's
performers! And coming over from San Francisco is the OTHER man in
black, the Devil's own debonair troubadour and P.T. Barnum's long-lost
bastard descendant: The Slow Poisoner!

What to expect at this year's birthday party:
-A rabble-rousing, swamp-shaking, tonic-peddling, bone-breaking
musical performance from San Francisco's one man surrealistic rock and
-Readings of original local work inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, along
with dramatic readings from some of his classic tales! Readers of
weird tales for
this year's show: Manuel Paul Arenas; Richard Bledsoe; Neil Gearns;
and The Klute!
-Foley sound effects by Miskatonic University radio DJs Fishman Jack & The Worm!
-Standup comedy from a monstrous mystery guest!
-A performance art ritual from the Arcana Collective!
-A free limited edition “Happy Birthday, Howard” zine!
-Birthday games like Pin The Tentacle On The Shoggoth!
-Last but certainly not least: free cupcakes (with frosting made of
Colours Out of Space)!

Tickets to Radio Free R'lyeh are only $10 (all paying audience members
will also get a cupcake, a birthday gift bag and zine).

The Trunk Space is not responsible for any loss of sanity, sudden body
mutations, mind-displacement or teleportation to a hellscape beyond
space and time that may occur during this event.