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FEA - members of Girl in a Coma! / Rachel Crocker / Authority Denied

FEA - from San Antonio, TX. Two members of Girl in a Coma in a new punk rock band!
Rachel Crocker
Authority Denied

Well this is how the story goes..... Girl In A Coma decided to take a small break so Nina could put out a really rad solo record. Jenn and Phanie thought , " Now that we have some time let's start a dirty messy punk band! " They tried out some folks, jammed with some gals and ended up with a singer named Theresa who use to be in an SA band called Lisa Frank. Phanie booked some shows, which forced the band to hustle and write. Guitar players came and went and they ended up with a boy named Aaron. So there they are. No rules, no idea what exactly they are doing. All they know is that they're going to have fun.