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Roman Candles /Calvin Jalandoni / Echo Beds / Tripp Nasty

TWO TOURS COMBINE! Roman Candles/Calvin Jalandoni (On tour to PIX Fest!) + Echo Beds/Tripp Nasty

Echo Beds and Tripp Nasty
Noise/Sound Collage, Performance Art, Punk, musique concrete

One band (Echo Beds) and one performance artist (Tripp Nasty) touring from our home town (Denver, Colorado) up the West Coast this summer. Tripp Nasty grew up in Tucson, Arizona where he played in bands with Bob Log III (Mondo Guano) and members of the Pork Torta (Duarte 6) and toured with Crash Worship in 1997.

***two acts touring together from Orange County on their way to Plan-It-X fest***
Roman Candles (Solo folk/punk/indie rock on PIX)
Calvin Jalandoni (Sound art/experimental noise)