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Marcus M. Rubio Ensemble / Markus Rennemann / A Dog in the Rain / Nymphaeum

Marcus M. Rubio Ensemble:

Peppy songcraft, deconstructed chamber pieces, or straight-up noise; these are the many facets of Marcus' music. Fresh from a graduate program at Cal-Arts, Marcus has won many awards and has played with Faust, Califone and Chris Cohen (Deerhoof) among others.

Markus Rennemann:

Intricate melodies weave through Markus' (with a "k") jazzy chords. Swooning songs that will make you want to see his cute cat tattoo (ask to see it).

A Dog in the Rain:

Meditative ambient pieces from number-one shredder Eric Dowswell. Stripped to only ideas and feelings.


I'm not entirely sure what this will sound like, but anticipate only the best from processing master Garrett Johnson. A member of ASU's laptop orchestra (LOrkAS) and Bubo, Garrett will bring something different to the table (or the floor).