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Hieronymus Bogs / CJ Melton / Andrew Kendall / Sam Thomas

Hieronymus Bogs: A one man troupe whose performances embrace the ties between music, poetry, and art. The bearded Bogs, garbed in self-fashioned regalia, is known for imparting live shows with poetic recitals, looped sounds, and short vignettes that veer off the stage. Bogs' voice and off-kilter approach to songwriting is reminiscent of artists like George Harrison (The Beatles) and Syd Barret (Pink Floyd) while remaining clearly folk-based. Accompanied by subtle banjo, sleigh bell percussion, and his trademark dangling bells, Bogs allows his words and distinct voice to be the focus of his songs, while his recitations and actions remystify what has often in performance become habit.

Andrew Kendall

CJ Melton - experimenter extraordinaire

Sam Thomas