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Man-Cat release show! / Treasure Mammal / Boss Frog

MAN-CAT is releasing their first album. It is called CLASSIC ROCK. It is loud and grating and noisy. You can dance to it. You can eat it if you are hungry enough.

Their friends TREASURE MAMMAL and BOSS FROG will be joining them. The Trunk Space will have the highest concentration of sweat and dance and costumes and fist pumps in the greater Phoenix area on November 21.

There will be free MAN-CAT KISSING PRACTICE posters. There will be free T-SHIRTS. There will be free CELEBRITY VOTIVE CANDLES to worship the pop idol of your choice. There will be several televisions to consume the maximum amount of garbage.

We have heard word of protestors planning to gather at this event. Pay no mind. Ignore the naysayers and shake your rear end thoroughly.