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Musée Mécanique / Swelve / AJ Odneal

Musée Mécanique - from Portland, new release on Tender Loving Empire, mixed/mastered by Tony Lash (Elliot Smith, Heat Miser, The Dandy Warhols, Loch Lomond, Ramona Falls). They weave wonderfully complex harmony into relaxing, seaside gazing pieces. With lush, wide Mellotron arrangements reminiscent of some old flavors like the Moody Blues, David Bowie, and King Crimson, they remind us that the old can still seem fresh and new. This doesn't keep them from getting to heady or daunting, though. All of their music combines just the right amount of accessible sing alongs with the intense craft keeping it afloat underneath.

AJ Odneal: Fun, acoustic music sure to make you stomp and smile.

Swelve: Rad sounds with climaxes galore!