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Vibragun / Name the Band / The Blank Waves / Andrew is Tired

Name the Band - from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their new single was released in the US during the "Watt From Pedro Show."

Vibragun - from Seattle. In the summer of 2011 Joel Bergstrom took a chance on fronting his own band.  His experiences in art-damaged goth outfits, post-metal noiseniks, romantic punk rock, and shoegaze bands in Seattle was the starting point from which Vibragun came into existence. They're a fuzzy storm of reverberating guitar distortion melting into expansive soundscapes with male/female harmonies. Their debut album chronicles Bergstrom’s experiences living around the world but finding identity and redemption in his adopted home.

Andrew is Tired - Lovable homegrown solo noise beauty.

The Blank Waves - Super neat local psych stuff!